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Classes for Ages 3- Adult: Ballet & Electives

Levels & Descriptions:        

Mommy & Me Ballet Class Ages 18mos+


Preschooler Tumbling Ages 3+


Butterfly Ballet

Ages 3+  Introduction to movement and ballet positions, following directions & making friends. This class includes a Ballet Storytime utilizing musicality and creativity.

StoryBook Ballet

Ages 4+  Introduction to movement and ballet positions, following directions & making friends. This class includes a Ballet Storytime utilizing musicality and creativity.


Ballet Arts 3
Ages 5+ Introduction to ballet technique and coordination. Students explore musicality and creativity.

Ballet Arts 4 B & A
Ages 7+  Increase ballet concepts with a focus on placement and posture. Introduce barre work. Center work focuses on memorization and musicality. (2+ classes a week suggested) A is the upper level of this classification.

Classical Ballet 5
Ages 9+  Focus on developing technique, proper use of joints, muscle groups and classical styling of arms, head.  PrePointe and variations is introduced. (3+ classes a week suggested)


Classical Ballet 6
Ages 12+  Students combine technique, placement and movement skills for more complex concepts. Musicality and performance continues to develop. (4+ classes a week suggested)

Classical Ballet 7 
Ages 13+  Students increase strength and artistry while solidifying technique and placement.  Musicality and performance continue to develop. (5+ classes/week suggested)

Classical Ballet 8
Ages 15+  Advanced level with emphasis on pointe technique and pre-professional training. IBC Jr Trainee eligible. Daily classes recommended.

Creative Worship

All ages. This class incorporates many types of dance and creative movement to Christian Worship Music


Jr Tap, Jr Hip Hop, Jr Modern, Jr Jazz
Ages 6+ Beginning technique and creative movement.

Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary
Ages 10+.  Beginner/intermediate technique with beginning showmanship.

Ballet Conditioning

Ages 7+  Patterned after the Professional Ballet Technique, body-conditioning and strengthening program that has been designed to enhance students' technique by focusing on training the muscle memory required in each exercise in all forms of dance. 

Int/Adv Teen & Adult Ballet

Ages 16+ Ballet technique for the intermediate/advanced dancer and those who want a class to keep you moving, work hard and have a great time! Meets Thursday evenings.


Classes are held on Monday evenings and explore a different ballroom style each week. Open to couples, singles, families.  Come join us for a new fun dance experience.


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