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Our mission is twofold; training dancers to use their artistry for the glory of God, and equipping the next generation of leaders with confidence, passion and discipline.


_______  Enrollment and Tuition: Instruments Ballet is a year round dance program which includes weekly classes of your choice, master classes and performances. Program payment arrangements are made at your enrollment conference. Annual class enrollment, September - August allows your child to build strong relationships, gain a better understanding of their dance disciplines and achieve their goals faster. All tuition is prorated and is calculated upon enrollment for the entire year. If your child must withdraw for some reason, notification to the director in writing is necessary. There are no program refunds. Instruments Ballet does not give credit for class(es) missed due to vacation, illness, holidays, weather, etc. Upon written notification of withdrawal, your dancer’s spot will be surrendered, your annual program plan will be converted to ’30 days notice’ and your tuition will be prorated as of that date.  


_______  Class Etiquette: On time arrival is 10-15 minutes before class which allows your dancer to be fully prepared and ready to dance in the appropriate class uniform including hair in a secure bun for ballet and ponytail for electives. Undergarments are to only be skin toned or a tights top. (Instructors will train students on ‘tights tops’) Shorts are only allowed if worn under a skirt.  Students arriving 15 minutes late will not be admitted to class as they have missed the necessary warm up session. There are no restroom breaks during class time. Dancer etiquette requires us to politely thank and curtsy/bow to our teacher after each class. In the classroom, students are not allowed to sit down, hang on the barres, talk, or leave unless permitted by the teacher. Only water bottles may be brought into the classroom. No other beverage, food, gum, or street shoes will be permitted. Appropriate dance shoes are to be worn at all times in the classroom, no bare feet.


_______  Courtesy & Inclusion: Every effort is made to integrate all students, including those with Special Needs. Please discuss any concerns you may have privately with the teacher/director. Our studio is a place to practice kindness and respect towards everyone. We strive to uphold Christian values and behaviors and encourage you to consider your audience and environment while in the studio. If a child is unable to cooperate with the teacher and fellow students, they may be asked to take a short break with the parent. The student may return to class after they have gathered themselves and are ready to learn. 


_______ Dress Code: Each level of Ballet class has a specific color and choices for leotards.  All ballet classes/levels require pink tights and pink shoes.  Electives all have the same requirements which are made up of black, white or grey pieces, class level leotards and IBA swag. No school clothes allowed. Please check dress code uniforms online or the in-studio notebook.  All leotards must be Eurotard brand and purchased through our website to insure correct purchases. For upper level students, only flesh toned undergarments or tights tops are accepted.  Black shorts are allowed under a skirt when needed for more coverage.  A cover up should always be worn over ballet uniform while traveling to and from class for modesty.  


_______  Placement/Level/Advancement: Students progress in their training by developing a strong work ethic, discipline, strength, technique and artistry. Not all students do this at an equal pace. Most importantly, technique milestones must be reached before progression can occur. Placement and progression to the next level is by recommendation of the IBA Team only and often takes two+ years of consistent classwork. We do not place or advance students solely based on their age or on their level at a previous ballet school.Parents are asked to not question current level placement or recommend graduation to the next level. Students, on the other hand, are encouraged to interact with staff at appropriate times or schedule appointments if they have questions or concerns with regard to level progression, technique, injuries, etc. If you are desiring faster and significant transformation in your dancer’s skills, additional classes are always the key. Student testing/evaluations are conducted the last month of the year. As an important component to ballet education, all students are expected to participate in Master Class Workshops and Performances.


_______  Communication: Email is our main form of communication, normally only one per month.  Please stay abreast of all news, important dates and events by reading your email. The studio calendar is posted at the beginning of the year and updated mid year with copies posted at the studio and online. It is your responsibility to know what is happening and when i.e. , testing week, photo day, rehearsals and show days.  In addition, all holidays/studio closures are noted on studio calendar.  


_______  Risks & Emergency: I further understand that there are specific risks of physical or property damages, losses, or injury that may result from my or my child’s participation/activities with Instruments Ballet and I voluntarily assume the risks associated with such participation.  In the event of an Emergency involving your child, every effort will be made to get in touch with their “Emergency Contacts”. If said persons are unreachable, we give permission to emergency personnel for necessary treatment. 



I have had sufficient opportunity to read this entire document. I have read and understood it, and I agree to be bound by its terms.



I Accept_____________________________________________________                                                                   Updated 01/24

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