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Our Mission Statement

If you are looking for a wholesome, encouraging environment for your child to learn how to dance, then look no further. 


We bring a quality of dance education that's unique to Oregon City. Not only do we offer ballet excellence at an affordable rate, we also strive to provide a safe space for children and teens to learn the principles of rhythm, movement, and expression. This includes kids with special needs or other disabilities. We integrate our classes as much as possible so that every child has a rich experience and builds positive relationships with their classmates and teachers. 


Ballet is the foundational technique for all styles of dance so that is our priority, although we offer classes in other styles. 


Instruments Ballet is here to inspire the next generation of leaders with the confidence, passion, and discipline they will need to succeed in every area of their lives. We believe your kids are capable of great things. Thank you for entrusting them to us.




Letter from the Director

Oh my, the thought of this project really blows my mind. It is ‘way beyond me’. But I have a Lord and Saviour who pushes, stretches, inspires and protects me in so many ways that I am normally unafraid of the next idea or project He puts on my heart. 


So it is with this one. This studio, Instruments Ballet Academy, I see as a place where not only the truly committed and talented are fine tuned to the task ahead be it recreational or professional dance, but kids with physical, emotional and mental difficulties can forge ahead to safe fun inspiring movement and musical expression.


The art of dance transcends language, culture, class and disability to enable participants understanding and expression. Children, people of all ages can come alongside each other to experience this beautiful communication of the soul, truly a gift from God.


Seeing children share in this activity not only enriches their lives but the lives of all who participate with them. We have so much to learn from the community of dancers. Why? Because God gifts each person uniquely, according to His plan for them. We are all winners when we join. 


So help me welcome the divinely gifted, in whatever area that giftedness lies.

Cindi Miller, Director

Est. 2017

Star Bursting Envelope
Academy Director - Cindi Miller
Cast - He Lives In Me - Instruments Ballet Goes to Broadway 2019
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